Get your cameras ready and enjoy a scenic drive through the Bradshaw Mountains and get a glimpse of the past. Get out and see first-hand the mines, streams, mountains, gulches and forgotten mining camps where history was made. You will be able to see many mine sites and go into some of the cool tunnels in the summer and get a feeling for what life must have been like working underground before the turn of the century.

Did you know that there are more mines in Yavapai County Arizona than any other county in the United States? In fact, in the 1800s Yavapai County was named the “Mineral Storehouse of the World”. Between 1900 and 1910 the total mineral production in the Mining Districts in Yavapai County exceeded the total 150 year history of production of all the mines in California!

You will explore mines that have gold, raw silver and copper visible on the walls and the colors of the minerals are a daring display of beauty. Each mine is a little different; some have chutes, shafts with ladders, ropes and pulleys others have ore car tracks still lying in the tunnels as if time stopped there a hundred years ago.   But who was here before the miners came and how did they live? Of the many Indian ruins in the Bradshaw Mountains, one is hidden below one of the tunnels you will visit, and not far away are several metates used for grinding seeds and nuts. Come and join us for a day you’ll always remember.

For more information e-mail us at or call (928) 713-2769


For more information e-mail us at  or call (928) 713-2769